A Fourteen-year-old Girl’s Journey to Save the Elephants

Jane Goodall once said: The great danger of our future is apathy.
How many of us have ever thought about what matters most to us most
and what we could do about it?

It comes down to a point: Do we really care enough to make a change?

Juliette West has been an elephant lover since a very young age. She started to learn about the threats that elephants face when she saw how humans exploit them for profit in circuses and zoos.

She decided not to just sit at her cozy home in LA California and complain about how elephants are mistreated. At the age of thirteen, she raised funds to support herself on a journey to the other end of the world, Thailand.

Here, she works with a group of passionate conservationists which include Sangduen Chailert, the famous Asia Elephant Lady who shares the common goal as herself. Together, they help prevent elephant abuse in entertainment and logging industries.

Her courage and determination led to her success in raising global awareness about the plight of elephants.
Her actions lead to changes in lives of many people and many elephants out there in the wild.
However, the biggest impact that she has made is on her own life.

She did not know that her actions could lead to such tremendous influence to the society. All she knew was the faith that she held on to from the start, at the very least, in herself.

It really doesn’t matter how many baby steps you need to take in order to achieve what you believe in, the bigger question is,

Are you willing to risk taking the first step and do you have the heart to persist at each small and seemingly insignificant step?

How I Became An Elephant is a film that showcases the journey of Juliette West as she strives for what she believes in.

If you’re an animal lover and are inspired by Juliette West’s effort, check out the official website of How I Became An Elephant.


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