Useful Links for Financial Aid


The following are links to some basic sites for financial help for unversity education…

What does it mean to be a nurse (overseas)?


Today, we get to talk to Rachel Sum Lai Teng. Rachel graduated from AMC, F6 Sam Tet and obtained her Nursing degree in Houston, Texas USA. She graduated as a Registered Nurse (RN) in May 2011 and has been working at a hospital in the Texas Medical Center in

Ever wondered how something you ordered online reaches your door?


Logistics, supply chain management, distribution centers…. I’ve heard these words many times but never really understood what they meant…. Let Mick Mountz, the founder and CEO of Kiva Systems, tells you about it on TED.  

A Fourteen-year-old Girl’s Journey to Save the Elephants


Jane Goodall once said: The great danger of our future is apathy. How many of us have ever thought about what matters most to us most and what we could do about it? It comes down to a point: Do we really care enough to make a