Art, Design & Media

Interior Designer, 3D Visualizer


Lau Yen Sim, 2002, 5A1 There are several types of interior designs: commercial, corporate, green and residential. Commercial design (AKA retail design) deals with shopping mall & shop, leisure interior, bar and restaurant designs. Corporate design mainly focuses on office design, reception areas and demonstration facilities. Green



Loh Hui Sann, 2002, 5Sc5 Architecture – where science and art collide Architecture is one of the most demanding professions in the world. An architect’s technical knowledge, construction management skills and understanding of business is as important as her design capability. You cannot be a good architect

Freelance Photographer / Student


Hydo Young, 2005, 5A1 Money issues are no joke, especially when it comes to paying for further education. I have a PTPTN student loan, but on top of that, I depend on freelance photography to put me through my photography course. Photography is my passion; therefore I