Education, Law & Policy

Masters, International Political Economy


Tracy Yip Chooi Pin, 5Sc1 2002 Tracy started out in the science stream at AMC. Her first exposure to the social sciences was through Chinese debate in school. However, due to conventional myths (science has more promising prospects / good results must do science / easier to

Royal Malaysian Police Force


When I first started this job I was quite nervous. But one of the senior officers told me. “Don’t scared hard… Now you work hard and get experience no matter where you are. If you got experience, there is no need to worry where they put you.

Teacher, Residential School, Lahad Datu


Lahad Datu, Sabah is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, yet ULU places I have ever seen. If Ipoh’s development is at a scale of 10/10, then Lahad Datu will score a miserable 2/10. I complain about my job, about the teacher’s quarters that I live in,

Assistant Lecturer, UTAR Kampar

Chan Wan Ling, 2002, 5Sc1 As an assistant lecturer in the Foundation Studies Centre at UTAR Kampar, I teach foundation students before they proceed to their degree course. If someone has told you that lecturing is lucrative and ‘cosy’ (flexible work schedule with lots of free time)