Stories from Alumni

Research Engineer, Optical Measuring Systems

Research Engineer, Optical Measuring Systems

YY Tan, 2001, 5Sc3 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in process engineering; process engineering is like a mixture of chemical and mechanical engineering. As a process engineer, you can work in production lines in different industries or in research. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in

Nurse, Cardiac Lab Team


Phyllis Chan Bing Mun, 2002, 5A3 Being a nurse had never crossed my mind. 什么白衣天使,什么护士小姐,听了都觉得 geli… My first impression of being a nurse was cleaning buttocks but it turned out to be much more. My Journey Hi there, I am Bing Mun 秉文 from 4A3-5A3. Unlike my

Freelance Photographer / Student


Hydo Young, 2005, 5A1 Money issues are no joke, especially when it comes to paying for further education. I have a PTPTN student loan, but on top of that, I depend on freelance photography to put me through my photography course. Photography is my passion; therefore I

Research Engineer, Upstream O&G

Yeap Siew Hooi, 2002 As a research engineer for an oil field services company, I try to find ways to increase production from old oil wells – this is called oil field stimulation. In a methodical and scientific manner, I manipulate chemicals in the lab and try

Cabin Crew, SIA


Abby Low, 2002, 5Sc2 “You get your clothes from London, handbags from Paris, jewellery from Switzerland, gadgets from America, vegetables from Auckland, meat from Australia, cup noodles from Japan, coffee from Europe, cheese from Holland, wine from Germany.” You get to live globally. But know also the

Production Executive, White Coffee

Yeoh Yueh Ting, 2002, 5Sc1 As a production executive, I help produce Ipoh’s famous White Coffee. In fact, some of you might even be drinking the coffee from my Ipoh-based-factory while you’re reading this! Since my company is rather small, I have to “一脚踢” and cover a

Nurse, Orthopedic & Trauma Ward


Carmen Teh Yik Mun, 2002, 5Sc7 As a nurse, you hold an “international passport” – the nursing license. This passport can provide a bright future, and unlimited options to work around the world. This is the only job in the world with vacancies at all times, regardless

Cust. Service Executive, Insurance Industry

Customer Service Executive

Liew Lih Chiew, 2002, 5A3 After graduating from UUM in Hospitality Management, I decided to 骑牛揾马…  But I have been happily 骑-ing this 牛 for two years now!    I work as a customer service executive at an insurance company. My job may seem kind of common, but

Process Engineer, Renewable Energy

Lafayette Edits-0457

May T, 2002, 5Sc1 As a process engineer in the renewable energy industry, I help senior engineers design and start-up new plants. Designing requires a lot of engineering knowledge and calculations that I learnt in university. If you are interested in becoming an engineer, you have to



Sarah Ho, 2002, 5Sc2 Most people think that a pharmacist works only in a pharmacy. These days, pharmacists are employed in many other areas in society such as hospitals, drug companies, regulatory departments, research, academia, etc. Let me describe what a pharmacist does with my previous job experience.

Teacher, Residential School, Lahad Datu


Lahad Datu, Sabah is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, yet ULU places I have ever seen. If Ipoh’s development is at a scale of 10/10, then Lahad Datu will score a miserable 2/10. I complain about my job, about the teacher’s quarters that I live in,

Netball Coach, Inst. of Phys. Ed (Bangkok)


Yap Suo Kuen, 2002, 5Sc7 I work with athletes at the Institute of Physical Education in Bangkok, Thailand.    Here, I help athletes of all levels improve upon their skills. Coaching is like building a house from the ground up. There are many different types of materials