Science, Engineering & Technology

Quantity Surveyor, Construction


Ng Cheng Yee, 2002, 5Sc1 With bad STPM results, I didn’t qualify for any local universities. But I had no money for private uni’s, so… I worked as a croupier at a casino in Genting for 1.5 years to earn money for college. My Journey In 2002,

Research Engineer, Optical Measuring Systems

Research Engineer, Optical Measuring Systems

YY Tan, 2001, 5Sc3 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in process engineering; process engineering is like a mixture of chemical and mechanical engineering. As a process engineer, you can work in production lines in different industries or in research. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in

Research Engineer, Upstream O&G

Yeap Siew Hooi, 2002 As a research engineer for an oil field services company, I try to find ways to increase production from old oil wells – this is called oil field stimulation. In a methodical and scientific manner, I manipulate chemicals in the lab and try

Production Executive, White Coffee

Yeoh Yueh Ting, 2002, 5Sc1 As a production executive, I help produce Ipoh’s famous White Coffee. In fact, some of you might even be drinking the coffee from my Ipoh-based-factory while you’re reading this! Since my company is rather small, I have to “一脚踢” and cover a

Process Engineer, Renewable Energy

Lafayette Edits-0457

May T, 2002, 5Sc1 As a process engineer in the renewable energy industry, I help senior engineers design and start-up new plants. Designing requires a lot of engineering knowledge and calculations that I learnt in university. If you are interested in becoming an engineer, you have to

IT Project Coordinator


Har Hor Mei, 2002, 5A1 The IT industry in Malaysia is booming. IT companies develop products such as web portals, transaction delivery networks (for e-Commerce), e-Catalogues and warehouse management systems (to track and manage inventory) for companies. As a project coordinator, I act as the middle-man between