Can you imagine a world made of glass?

Too fragile?? Impossible??! With a bold dream, Corning created a visionary video, showing us what glasses can do in our daily lives.

Let’s see how highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, may help shape our world.

In near future.

Corning is a world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Your tablet and smartphone screens are made of specialty glass… glass that is durable, sensitive and most likely, built with technology pioneered by Corning.

At companies as established as Corning, material scientists, optical experts and engineers are just as important as marketing, supply chain, finance, human resource management teams. Because of innovative collaboration between these teams, a future made of glass is imminently possible.

In South East Asia, Corning is represented by multiple Corning businesses, including Corning Display Technologies and Corning Cable Systems.

Types of job opportunities in South East Asia include:

  • Regional Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Regional Functional Professionals (HR, Finance)
  • Process Engineers (Thailand)

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