Cust. Service Executive, Insurance Industry

Liew Lih Chiew, 2002, 5A3

After graduating from UUM in Hospitality Management,
I decided to 骑牛揾马…  ;)

But I have been happily 骑-ing this 牛 for two years now!  :D   I work as a customer service executive at an insurance company. My job may seem kind of common, but to me it’s quite challenging… Because I interact a lot with customers, my communication skills must be good. These are my 4 main duties.

*When I review applications for insurance, I also have to evaluate how risky these applications are. After this, I determine if we can accept these applications.

**Processing of applications includes changing, reinstating and canceling insurance policies.

I was recently offered an opportunity to switch to the internal marketing department:)   In my previous position, I only covered the automobile insurance industry. In internal marketing, I would be exposed to all types of claims, not just automobile-related claims. In addition, I would get to help marketers perform surveys to determine the best strategy to sell insurance to the general public.

The company I work at is called Berjaya Sompo. For those of you who may not be familiar with this company, Berjaya Sompo is a general insurance company with a network of 22 offices in Malaysia. It is co-owned by Berjaya Capital and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (a Japan-based global financial insurance services and risk management group).


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My Journey

Hi all, I’m Lih Chiew from 5A3, 2002. Honestly, I never liked to study at all.  :roll:   But my mentality changed when I got lousy results in PMR. I felt horrible and left out; both of my sisters (I’m the middle child) are from the science stream and their results were much better than mine.

After Form 5, I went to F6 in ACS and it was like a honeymoon period. The days I played truant exceeded the days that I was present in school. I found tuition and revision with friends to be much more important and helpful than actual school classes. F6 mathematics was my worst subject because I didn’t do Add Math during F5.

During tuition classes, my teacher would always ask
“Lih Chiew, you know about this or not?
If Lih Chiew says know, then you all must know.”

When my STPM results came out (cGPA 2.83), I thought I wouldn’t quality for any local university. But I got an offer to study Hospitality Management at UUM (my 1st choice).  :D   It was a miracle for me and my parents that I could enter a local university. My days at UUM were the happiest time in my life. I loved my course because I got to explore a field that I never knew about!

Hospitality Management is a 4 year course that emphasizes the practical more than the theoretical. I went for lectures in housekeeping, serving, cooking, front desk services etc. In my 3rd year, I interned with Heritage Hotel, Ipoh for half a year. After the internship I graduated with my bachelor degree in Hospitality Management with 3.57 pointers.

Upon graduating, I decided to “ride cow find horse”. I received an offer from Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad to work as a management trainee. I’ve been riding on this cow for two years. Although this is not what I studied, I enjoy what I’m doing very much.

I have recently been offered the opportunity to transfer to another department but I have not accepted the offer yet. I am still considering my options, and I think it may be time for me to move out of Ipoh, to pursue what I really want in life.  ;)

To all younger AMCians, your future lies within the palm of your hand.
Grasp opportunities, take hold of your future
and control your own destiny.


Good luck!

Lih Chiew



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