European Master of Tourism Management

Lee Wei Mei, 5S2, 2002

Summary: I’ve been a daughter of AMC for my whole life from kindergarten through Form 5. I was always a pure science student, but I scored below average results in F6 and didn’t really know what I wanted to study.

My experience working at a coffee shop made me realize that I enjoyed serving and meeting new people daily. With this discovery, I ended up obtaining a Hospitality Management degree at UUM. That opened many doors, including a job at the famous Cherating Club Med.

Not wanting to give up my dream of going overseas, I applied for scholarships and to my surprise, received a scholarship from the EU to study a masters in tourism management in Europe. 

My words to juniors are… Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly all the way and you’ll finally reach your sky. But before anything, you must first ask yourself what you hanker for in future, and remember that you are the only person who has the answer for this question. Only when you have a definite goal in your mind you will be strong enough to confront difficulties ahead with perseverance. 

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Hi all,

I am Wei Mei, graduated from class 5S2 in year 2002. After Form 5, I went to Form 6 in Sam Tet with fairly moderate SPM results. Science subjects are never my interest or my strength. In fact, I scored badly in all three science subjects in SPM. But without a clear direction in mind for my future, I just accepted what was given to me.

My parents never gave me pressure on studies; likewise they never gave advice on what I should study. They left it to me to make my own decision. On one hand, I was happy to have that freedom but on the other I was a bit clueless. As I could hardly make up my mind, I allowed myself another two years to seek my real interest.

I chose Physics in Form 6 just to avoid frog or rat dissection. I found out though that I couldn’t understand any physics theory either.

My results were terrible all the time and I was always at bottom of the class in exams throughout my four years in science class. By the time I finished Form 6, I still had no idea what to do. All I knew was I wished to go overseas, a big dream too fancy to be financially supported by my middle-income family; my parents could never afford me to study abroad.

Organizing Club Med Tie-Dye Party

I had to find my way then. No chance for me to be an air stewardess (wondering why I can’t grow taller). Well, fine, there must be other ways out, I told myself. While waiting for STPM results, I worked part-time in a small café just a stone’s throw away from my house. Being an introvert, I surprisingly found myself happy meeting new people every day. I realized that I actually enjoyed serving people. By then, I saw myself going into hospitality line, imagining my future working in luxury hotels at diverse locations in the world.

I scored below average STPM results, as expected. I tried to apply for ‘Sin Chew Daily Education Fund’ to study tourism at Taylor’s University. This particular bachelor degree is awarded by University of Toulouse in France and hence the programme includes a free study trip to University of Toulouse for all final year students. Unfortunately, I failed my interview. Considering my family’s financial status, what was left was only local universities, and so I applied for all hospitality or tourism related courses available in any local university regardless of its location.

Employee Night at Genting

I was lucky enough to get a place in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) with my first choice to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management. Swerved off the science stream track and turned into art stream, I was one of the few Sam Tet students who entered UUM.

Despite its remote location and jungle-like surroundings, UUM is in fact the best management university with most extensive sport facilities, golf court and go-kart track etc.

I treasured my uni life as well as my course designed to equip students with a lot of practical course trainings. Also, I appreciated the opportunity to learn some foreign languages such as French, Spanish and German. As an ex-science stream student, I had zero knowledge about economic, finance, and accounting. Nonetheless, backed with my strong interest, I passed all those subjects with distinction. I managed to graduate with a first-class degree in three and a half years instead of four years.

Organizing Quality Awareness Program for Employees @ Genting

I carried out my industrial training for my final semester in Genting Highlands. After completing the six-month training, I was offered a job immediately in one of the departments where I was trained before. Then, I worked as Total Quality Management executive in Genting Highlands for another six months before I quit. The reason that I resigned was to look for another job that could actually bring me overseas.

With solid working experiences in Genting and pretending to speak a little bit of French (thanks to French courses @ UUM and credits printed on my cert, I don’t actually speak French though), I attained my dream job of becoming a G.O. in Club Med.

Club Med Cherating Beach, Boutique Team

Club Med is a French all-inclusive upscale resort brand with more than 80 villages scattered all around the world. Two greatest benefits to work in Club Med are that we entitled for free vacation in any other Club Med village within a defined region, and we will definitely be transferred to another village after working in one village for a year.

In other words, I might be transferred to Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, or Maldives after I serve for one year in Malaysia. I was getting closer to my dream and was just waiting for the time to come when I could work in another country. I enjoyed my time so much working as a boutique sales assistant in Club Med together with colleagues from 18 nationalities, what a big melting pot!

In between, I tried my luck applying scholarship for master course in Europe. Out of my expectation, I made it!

I was granted a full scholarship by European Union to study master degree in Tourism Management for two years.

It is a joint master programme between several European countries and therefore I have to complete my studies at universities in three different countries. The scholarship covers all my course tuition fees; on top of that, I also receive a certain amount of money more than enough to cover my living cost each month and also a mobility grant (quite a big sum as well) for me to move from one country to another each semester.

Syddansk Universitet

Finally my dream came true. I finished my six-month contract with Club Med. In autumn 2010, I stepped on the land of Europe for my very first time. I spent my first semester in Denmark, the second semester in Slovenia and now I am doing my third semester in Spain. For next semester, I’m going to write my master thesis and I can choose among those three countries where I want to be. Most of all, I am so glad that I was able to travel half of the Europe in the past one year, just exactly as what I dreamed of.

So, my words to all my dear juniors, where there’s a will there’s a way. Dare to dream and do all you can in chasing your dream. Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly all the way and you’ll finally reach your sky. 

But before anything, you must first ask yourself what you hanker for in future, and remember that you are the only person who has the answer for this question. Only when you have a definite goal in your mind you will be strong enough to confront difficulties ahead with perseverance. We can’t constantly focus and be passionate on everything we do but one, the one thing we love so much that we are willing to spend a lifetime doing it. Hope everyone here discovers her own interest.

Should anyone need detailed information about anything mentioned above, you are welcome to contact me personally. Drop me a private message on facebook or write me in my e-mail:, whichever convenient for you.


Good luck to all and a bright future :)

Wei Mei


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