2011, Nov 5th

Connecting Lives, Building Futures
Nov 5th, 2011 @ AMC Mother Pauline Hall

Connecting Lives, Building Futures 2011 (Hi-Res) from AMC Alumni Network on Vimeo.

When we first decided to hold a sharing session at AMC, we had no idea what to expect – both from ourselves and from the students we were hoping to reach.

Driven by our own experiences, all we knew was that we wanted to help. And so we kept stumbling along as we planned, navigating turn after turn as a team, renewing lost friendships and forging new bonds in the process.

After two months of brainstorming, more than 30 meetings and Skype conferences, hundreds of Whatsapp’s, BBM’s and SMS’s, thousands of Facebook posts and tags later… with the support of AMC teachers and OGA, close to 40 AMC alumni returned 9 years after graduating to share their stories and working experiences.

Our initial fears that this network/event was unnecessary and would only be a waste of time turned out to be untrue. It turns out that both alumni and students had a ton of fun! (Click here for Post Event Survey.) We want to thank all respondents for taking the time to fill out the survey. Based on the responses, we will be making appropriate changes to next year’s event.

Yes, as one alumni put it… “The show must go on.”


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