Student Feedback (from 2011 event)

Student Feedback, by Pn. Mariana Lopez

I compiled some comments of inspiration and encouragement concerning the AAN event which was held on 5th Nov 2011. The following girls have shared how AAN had impacted their lives.  They have also mentioned that they will come back to school 10 years from the time they graduate from AMC , to continue to reach out to their juniors, just like what their seniors did for them.
Thank you for all your hard work. Looking forward to this year’s event on the 18th August, 2012.
Regards, Mariana Lopez

Elaine Hui
After the AAN event,i feel that i must work hard for what i aim for. Choose the path that u want to go on, don’t simply get influence by others. They are willing to explain and answer every of my question,that make me clear of  the path that i want to go on. This really  quite  an awesome and useful event for every form 5 girls.  I really learned a lot from them, a big thank you .

Alixia Lee
Through the event, i learn to discover myself. To understand what are my interests and passions in life before making decisions on what’s next. I believe many were like me, not sure of what do we want to do in future or not sure of what path we should take after SPM. The experiences shared by AAN really opened a broader scope for us and encourages us to think out of the box; that we are not confined by results or expectations but we are also capable of doing extraordinary things if we believe we can and dare to do it .

Xt Thong
After the event of AAN ,i get more ideas about how should i choose my path,those experiance which Alumni member share with us is very useful,especially the Q&A section for every different courses. We get to knw more information about that  furthermore,~~~the msg and video by shen soh~~“Don`t limit youself,and don`t let others limit you ” had inspired me to fight for my future ^^

Cai Wei Boey
I went through the AAN event on 2011. It inspired me to study for myself and not others, understand the purpose of study. Beside that, they also told me not to limit yourself, be proud on what I did:) Lead by Example, prove by Action. This is one of the best event i have ever attended and this is a event that MUST continue.   

Hui Wenn Locket
They told me what road should i choose clearly and easily. :D D They share their background after they graduated their form five life. Nice one :) )

Nicole Chong Hui Yi
Through the AAN event in 2011, I went from ground zero to something. And with this ‘something’ that the alumni had impacted me, they helped me to start discovering things about my interest, build curiosity to want to learn more about the world and widen up my perspective in things. I hope that they will continue to impact lives because small things like giving words of advice truly do make a difference in us.

Tan Ruo Shan
I was convinced that im not a useless without a future. They opened up my eyes that, this world is not just about doctor or engineer…theres wide range of career or courses, there must be one that suits ur heart…follow ur heart, dont limit urself…u urself knows whats best!

Kok Wenjing
They motivated us to be more practical in life , choose what we want according to what we favour despite the presumptions of what we should be in the eyes of our parents . i think its better that we follow our heart , because the path we choose is for ourselves , for us to be happy and its a long long way to go . dont walk in the way our parents wants us to be ! but also be something practical and dont make our lives wasted . as i went into taylors college , i really learnt alot because i know that things are different here , as you need to think many things critically and in depth different compared to what we did in form5 . so be serious about life is what i ve learnt through the alumni talk .  they taught me to be more practical . i shall be heading for law or econs in the future . and i discovered that from an alumni . they supported me , so i am really happy i made this decision according to their opinions. because they are more experienced despite their age  thanks to them!

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