How We Work

How We Use the Info you Enter into the AAN Database

  1. Students submit questions on FB or on this website
  2. Outreach team refers to database to find alumnus in the correct industry or with relevant experience
  3. Outreach team connects alumnus with student and student gets helped

Publishing of Alumni Profiles

  1. Alumni & Student Outreach Team finds alumnus who wants to share her story and connects her with Profile Editing Team.
  2. Profile Editing Team works directly with alumnus (editing, interviewing or translating her profile).
  3. Completed profile is entered into database (Dropbox), which is maintained by Profile Editing Team Lead.
  4. Webmaster reviews and posts profile according to fixed schedule.

Publishing Alumni Q&A

  • Profile Editing Team takes discussions on Facebook forum and turns them into Q&A posts.


  • If sufficient questions / comments are gathered about a certain industry, Outreach Team works with Profile Editors to find suitable and willing alumni to interview.

Publishing of Resource Posts

  1. Resource Seekers find information regarding scholarships, industries and ideas worth of sharing.
  2. They pass them along to their team lead.
  3. Team lead sorts and stores all this information in an organized database (on Google Docs).
  4. Webmaster refers to Google Docs and publishes posts according to fixed schedule.

Graphics and Design Team

  1. Requests for pictures / graphics are entered into Request List (on Google Docs).
  2. Graphics and Design Team Lead distributes requests among members.
  3. All pictures and graphics are stored on Google+ for easy access and uploads. Larger files are stored on Dropbox.



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