Interior Designer, 3D Visualizer

Lau Yen Sim, 2002, 5A1

There are several types of interior designs: commercial, corporate, green and residential.

  1. Commercial design (AKA retail design) deals with shopping mall & shop, leisure interior, bar and restaurant designs.
  2. Corporate design mainly focuses on office design, reception areas and demonstration facilities.
  3. Green design is a term used for energy conservation and eco-friendly interior design services.
  4. Residential design represents a home design process such as apartments and bungalows.

I specialize in residential design. ;)
I produce 3D perspectives and furniture layouts for clients.

As a 3D visualizer, I get technical drawings (plans, elevations & sections) of a building from architects. From there, I start with ‘space planning’ – I measure and draw out a space plan, figure out the functionality of each area in that space and design to achieve best utilization and flow of that space. Then, I design concepts for the space that merge with the building’s design (by the architect) or with the client’s request.

I always start from the basics – sketching my ideas out according to the concept that I have in mind. After sketching is complete, I move on to producing 3D perspectives. 3D interior perspectives have to look real as this will be printed out on billboards or property leaflets.

Working as an interior designer requires a lot of dedication
and passion for the job.
But to me, it has been worth it.

Over time is common in the design industry. Often, my team mates and I have to stay late to meet deadlines. Once in a while, we may even have to work till midnight. Even though the hours can be long, they are rewarding. Seeing my designs displayed on billboards by the streets, noticeable by all who pass by gives me satisfaction and a sense of pride. :D

Click here to read about my journey.

My Journey

I come from the arts stream – 5A1. Science was not my interest, therefore I ruled out a career in science. In Form 5, I excelled in accounting but was interested in designing.

So I found myself at a crossroads after F5…
Do I pick accountancy or interior design?

In the end, I chose the path that would allow me to do something that I was interested in, something that would delight me daily. Deep down in my heart, I knew that I wanted to do something creative and challenging. I figured that if I enjoyed my work, I would be able to do it well and would be enthusiastic and refreshed everyday.? :)

So, I decided to enroll for a Diploma in Interior Design. Back then, I did not know if I had made the right decision and I did not know where this decision would lead to. I took it as part of the life experience that everyone has to go through.

You never know where you will be without taking your first step

It’s okay if you do not know where your choice may lead you. What’s more important is that you try your best in everything you are doing at every moment, so that you have no regrets in the future. You have to believe in yourself and think positively, trusting that you have made the best choice.

I pursued a Diploma in Interior Design at The One Academy, Kuala Lumpur (3 years) and finished my degree in Interior Design at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK (1.5 years). With this opportunity to further my studies overseas, I gained exposure to other parts of the world, and to the most modern designs which give me inspiration for my own work.

I am glad that I am an interior designer and in hindsight, I would say that I am lucky; I chose the right path and am doing something that I enjoy. However, I did face some difficulties while searching for a college as I was totally inexperienced in finding a college and had limited information. Luckily, my eldest brother was there for me. He obtained information from his friends regarding colleges that offered good interior design courses.

I have been in your shoes before.
I can understand how lost you may be feeling at this moment.
The best thing to do is to get more information and talk to more people.

I will try my best to help in any way or form. Please feel free to contact me, and good luck in your journey!? ;)


Yen Sim

  1. hi , I am a form 5 student study in amc now , im from class 5S1 which is a art class studying account and economic . I`m still confusing what i should do after form 5 but i have some interest in interior design , cam you please answer my question below :
    1. what will I learn if I choose to study interior design?
    2. do i have to study all those 4 types of interior design?
    3. what is the requirements to study this course?
    4. is this an expensive course ?
    5. where can i work after i graduated from university ?
    6. how much is the basic salary as an interior designer?
    well i also dont know am i creative enough to take this course but i really want do know more about interior design , thank you

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