IT Project Coordinator

Har Hor Mei, 2002, 5A1

The IT industry in Malaysia is booming. IT companies develop products such as web portals, transaction delivery networks (for e-Commerce), e-Catalogues and warehouse management systems (to track and manage inventory) for companies.

As a project coordinator, I act as the middle-man between the IT development team and customers.  :wink: I meet with customers to find out what they need and convey these needs to the development team (mostly programmers). I also structure the project time-frame, so that reasonable deadlines are set and met.

During the development stage, I update customers on a regular basis, to let them know how the project is progressing. Often times, during this stage, there is a lot of dialogue with the customer as they may change their requests. Communication skills and understanding of IT technology becomes very important at this stage.

Upon completion of the development, I coordinate “product testing” to ensure that there are minimal bugs and errors before delivery to customers. Next, the customers test the product themselves, and I provide assistance and support. My job is completed when the customers are happy with the end product.  :grin:

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My Journey

I am from 5A1. Honestly, my interest was definitely not in Science or Information Technology. I preferred things that were more ‘lively’ such as organizing events, designing/decorating, performing etc (I used to do these things in Leo Club back in the old days). I knew that between arts and science, I was more of an arts person.

I was told that most “arts stream paths” could not earn me money;
therefore I gave up pursuing what I truly liked.

After AMC, I enrolled in a Business Information System course in TARC. I chose BIS because this course combined two majors, Business and Information Technology. I thought there would be more job opportunities whereby I could choose between IT jobs or Business related jobs after graduating. Looking back, I think my decision was a bit 儿戏  :roll:

Nightmares began when I realized that this course involved many programming subjects; I HATED EVERY PROGRAMMING SUBJECT!!!  At TARC, I swore to myself that I would not become a programmer in the future. Guess what? After graduating, I got myself enrolled into a 3 month Cobol* Programming Course  :shock:   I turned myself into an official Cobol Programmer for Standard Chartered Bank. I was bonded to that company for almost 2 years.

*Cobol (Common Business-Oriented Language) is the primary language used in large banks and corporations).

Why did I do that in the first place? I told myself that I needed to try to become a programmer for at least once in my entire life after putting so much effort into completing that 4 year degree. If you have friends who are programmers, you will hear complaints about crazy working hours. You work from 9am – 6pm as a normal developer but may be required to do support throughout the whole night.  :shock:   After experiencing “night support” I just wanted to get rid of the job ASAP. (= =”’)

Luckily, I managed to escape from Cobol!
The minute I was converted to a permanent employee
I tendered my resignation letter.

LOL! I told myself that I had tried hard enough and it was time to leave. I was jobless for a few months after resigning because I wanted to take the time to find something that suited my personality better. Eventually, I found this job as an IT Project Coordinator; I enjoy this job a lot more than programming.  :D

Even though I am still in this field, IT was never my preference. I wish I had taken the time to find out about more career options. So to all young AMCians, it is crucial that you find out more about what’s possible. I hope that my experience has given you a better picture of the IT field. Feel free to get in touch, if you would like more information.


All the best!

 Hor Mei 


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