Sarah Ho, 2002, 5Sc2

Most people think that a pharmacist works only in a pharmacy. These days, pharmacists are employed in many other areas in society such as hospitals, drug companies, regulatory departments, research, academia, etc. Let me describe what a pharmacist does with my previous job experience.

My first job was in retail pharmacy. This means I was employed in the many pharmacies found in your neighbourhood. It was my daily goal as a pharmacist to ensure safe and effective provision of drug therapy.  :)

A typical day would involve me fulfilling prescriptions. During this process, I check the drug’s suitability for the patient (dosage, frequency, interactions etc). If I am satisfied that the drug is safe, I then counsel the patient on how best to take the drug (frequency, time of day, what to avoid etc). If at any point I am not satisfied that the drug is suitable, I then consult with the doctor to discuss better treatment options. Apart from this, I also had to attend to patients who wanted to buy medication for simple ailments.

I currently work in Hovid. Hovid is a pharmaceutical company based in Ipoh that manufactures generic drugs, supplements and beauty products. Pharmacists are required in many areas of the company, e.g. research, operational, regulatory to mention a few. These jobs are only open to pharmacists that are registered with the Malaysian Pharmacy Board. As I am awaiting registration with the board, I have a temporary role in the sales department. I visit doctors and pharmacists daily in an effort to convince them of our products. With the knowledge that I have from my degree, I’m able to discuss our products with my clients with ease.

Pharmacy suits anyone that has an interest in medicine,
without the blood and guts.

It is one of those jobs where you seldom have to bring work home (unless of course you are the head of department or the likes), has good working hours and good pay. During my short year as a retail pharmacist, being directly involved in helping patients with their medication issues, I got to experience how rewarding this job can be.


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My Journey

I went through my primary and secondary schooling at AMC. I chose, without a doubt, to be in the science stream as I was influenced by my parents, who were both in the science field. Even regarding secondary schooling, my parents had pre-planned my future and had enrolled me into sixth form in a school in Auckland, New Zealand.  :shock:   Not knowing what I really wanted, after SPM, I went ahead with their plan and attended 6th and 7th form at a boarding school. During my time at this school, I remained in the science stream.

When the time came to apply for a course at university,
I was clueless!


I only knew of what my father and mother did. Choosing between their careers, I decided to follow my father’s footstep – pharmacy. So, I put my one and only application in to the university (looking back, this was a foolish move, never only apply to one course!). God blesses me abundantly – I got in.  :grin:

My choice of career was based largely on what I saw my parents do all my life. I had some clue of what was out there, but not in enough depth to know what path to take. If I had to do it all over again, I would have liked to talk to some other adults about what they do before making a decision. My advice is to take hold of every opportunity and talk to as many people as you can, when you can!

I was hugely blessed to have parents that were able to support me financially throughout university. They paid for my fees and part of my living expenses, while I kept a part-time job (or two part-time jobs at some stage) to pay for the rest. I did simple jobs like waitressing, tutoring, assistant in retail etc. to get through university. I must say that it is hard to completely support yourself throughout university, but I want to encourage those who may have partial funds to not let go of your future due to finances. With a disciplined timetable, it is possible to fuse part-time working with full-time study. If there’s a will, there’s a way!  ;)


Good luck!

Sarah Ho




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