Production Executive, White Coffee

Yeoh Yueh Ting, 2002, 5Sc1

As a production executive, I help produce Ipoh’s famous White Coffee. In fact, some of you might even be drinking the coffee from my Ipoh-based-factory while you’re reading this! :)

Since my company is rather small, I have to “一脚踢” and cover a large range of things to ensure production never stops. My main responsibilities are production planning and process control.

In production planning, my goal is to make sure that we always have enough product to meet customers’ needs. Production planning can be affected by special orders from customers, orders for export and stock level in the warehouse. When planning, I have to take into account all of the above.

Process control is controlling the entire process of production, such as wastage, the temperature and speed of machines, inventory of finished goods (to see if they tally with what is supposed to be produced).

Besides, since my company does not have a quality department, I have to take care of quality control as well. Normally, factories have a quality department which takes care of quality control and quality assurance. This department ensures quality is up to standard by performing tests on samples (which are picked in consistent intervals). QA and QC positions, together with R&D departments of food factories, normally welcome graduates with food tech or food science degrees.


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My Journey

Hello, I’m Yueh Ting from 5S1, 2002. After F5, I went to Sam Tet for F6 (Bio). I scored a 3.5 for my STPM and was ‘stuck’, because I didn’t know what I could take. My CGPA made me ineligible for the courses I liked and wanted to pursue  :(   — medicine, pharmacy or physiotherapy. Eventually, I took Food Tech in USM.

After 3 years at USM, I returned to Ipoh to work as a production executive in a white coffee factory. Although I work in the food industry, I don’t really get to utilize the knowledge I learnt from university as my job is more related to mass production. However, since my factory is quite small, I get to see all aspects of production and business.

As a result of this exposure, I found that I was more interested
in management vs. food tech related lab jobs. Therefore, I decided to take
up a part-time MBA course in OUM (Open University Malaysia).  ;)

This is a part-time course that can last for 2-3 years, depending on how many subjects you take per sem. The maximum number of subjects is 3, which is what I’m doing. Studying part time while working can be very tough, especially if you have to work OT. You have to manage your time very well if you are interested in a part-time MBA. Personally, I schedule at least one hour per day of study after work, and I find that this helps me keep up with the syllabus.

OUM’s courses are geared towards folks who are working therefore their course structure is very flexible. If you choose to study online (i.e. no need to attend class at all), then OUM will provide all study materials either by mail or online. If you choose to attend classes, then there will be 5 seminars (3 hours each) per class. These seminars are mostly held on weekends.

I enjoy the work that I do as a production executive
even though it is very busy and I have to 一脚踢 !  :P

Ultimately, I am responsible for production, therefore I do have to understand and resolve all issues related to production. For those who are more interested in food tech, it is better to get into a company with lab facilities so you can be exposed to lab work. If not, the ‘food tech’ certificate that you graduate with will carry no meaning if you want to look for a new job in the food tech industry.

I wish you all the best as you plot your own paths. Let me know if you need more information regarding the food industry, food tech/science jobs, or production related jobs.


All the best!

Yueh Ting



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