Promo Producer, Astro

Louise Yip Shook Yee, 2002, 5A3

I’m a typical art class student who was embarrassed at the beginning
Today, I have created a good life for myself.
I have a career that I’m proud of and a family that I love.

I am a Promo Producer at the Astro Network Promo Department. ::D:

We help channels promote their up-coming programs or campaigns. Every month, we receive a list of new programs and the selling point for each program. Our job is to develop an interesting promotion to attract people to buy our packages or tune in.

Whether ratings for a program are good or bad, depend on us! If we mess up, the channel will question us! But of course, if the program itself is really bad… erm :roll: We will… still… do… our… best la!

There are 3 divisions in my department, International, Chinese, and Indian. I’m in the Chinese division; our team produces promos for the entire Chinese platform under Astro. Every producer has to take care of a number of channels. I’m in charge of Shuang Xing, Wah Lai Toi and Zhi Zun HD.

The process of creating a promo is

Collecting sources: If we are promoting a Taiwanese drama, we randomly view the tapes and pick the most interesting parts to digitalize and edit.

Editing and shooting has 2 parts: (a) Graphics AKA after-effects. We will do 2D graphics ourselves, but if 3D is needed, we will outsource 3D animators. (b) Shooting. for big campaigns (e.g. Miss Astro), we will build a concept and shoot accordingly.

In the Audio Dub stage, we direct Voice Over talent to achieve the mood and voice we need. Sound engineer will record and mix at this stage.

Tapes are passed to the schedulers, who get the show on air for us.

Normally, the promo producer has to do all this by herself. But for large campaigns like Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, a few of us will work as a team.

If all this interests you, you can find out more here.

Click here to read about my journey.

My Journey

Aloha! I’m Shook Yee, graduated in year 2002 from 5A3.

When I was young, my grandpa always used to criticize me
that I’m not a
读书材料.? :(
Even when I tried very hard, I still fail or just “ngam ngam pass”.

This made me lack confidence even at a very young age. Until… I joined the school band! :D From knowing nothing, I learned the trumpet, formations, leadership, communication, management, etc… I learnt so much more than you can imagine. I regained my long lost confidence here and also earned my 1st overseas trip to Taiwan with the band even though I was the youngest (Form 2) player amongst all.

Things went smoothly until the crucial and cruel year – FORM 3!
Competition + PMR = MATI

On the report card day in Form 2, my class teacher specially mentioned to my mom that my bad results was because of the band; he advised my mom to make me quit the band. Of course, I DID NOT!!! On the other hand, besides staying in the band, I also joined Sin Chew student reporter (学记) and GBBM (青团云) clubs in the same year.

My mom knows me well.
She never stopped me from getting know the world.
In fact, she even encouraged me.

Unfortunately, it is human nature to grow up. I started to worry that If I had bad PMR results, I would have to go to arts class and it would be embarrassing! Most of the band girls are good in studies and most of them had better results than me. I hated hearing people say that ‘Good in band is nothing, results is more important…’ I felt sad then because I did work hard in studies, it’s just that I wasn’t one of those excellent AAA student…

PMR results were released and off to arts class I went. :cry: I accepted going to the arts stream, but deep in my heart I still did mind when people asked what class I was in. Especially in the band. Especially because I was on the committee; almost everyone on the committee board had brilliant PMR results.

I thought I was nothing for these 2 years.
I lived under pressure, felt guilty and embarrassed.

Studying in arts class was something I could not change. But I could change my future. So when Form 4 started, I decided to study mass communications at Han Chiang College, Penang. I collected all sorts of information from my seniors who studied there (For two years, I wrote letters to them). In some way I wanted to prove to my parents and my beloved teacher (Pn Chaw), that I was still a useful person.

Right after SPM, I used my trial results to enroll at Han Chiang College. Things worked out well and in 1.5 years, I finished my diploma and continued my degree studies at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.


My dad spent all his EPF on me but it was still not enough.
So, I worked as a waitress everyday at night after school in a Chinese restaurant and in a lettuce factory in the morning if there was no class.

But I never graduated. My grandma passed away before the last semester begun. I quit school, work, cancelled rent and closed my bank account all in one afternoon, bought an emergency ticket and flew back that night. After the funeral, I decided to stay in Ipoh to finish my last semester through distance studies.

After I completed my degree I started to work in Astro as a Director’s Assistant. For 2 years, shooting and editing was my life. It was tough and crazy, working almost every day from 7am till 1am. Yet I was hired only on a contract basis, without EPF, without certainty of the job!

But opportunity came knocking one day… I was given an offer to be a promo producer. Without hesitating I QUICKLY transferred to this permanent job! ;) Till today, for 3 years I have been working in this awesome department where it is challenging and exciting everyday!

I guess I’m a typical art class student who was embarrassed at the beginning… But now, I have created a good life for myself, I have a career that I’m proud of, and a family that I love…

And most importantly, I want to say that the spirit of bearing hardship that helped me build my career, definitely came from those tough days in band practice! All you band girls, don’t QUIT! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

“Learning must have personal meaning and it should be fun”
– Esko Lius



Shook Yee

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