Form 6 (STPM)

Form 6 (STPM) is one of the most preferred paths after SPM. It is suitable for students who are interested to enter local universities, also known as Institute Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA). This is one of the most secured ways to get a place in IPTA. But bear in mind that the 1.5 years are quite tough as compared to other options.

For students who are worried about education fees, this is definitely a right choice. You can apply for a PTPTN loan when you enter IPTA later and the total loan will be sufficient to cover both your fees and living expenses.

One has to be very determined and disciplined in order to complete this course. In addition, getting good results is crucial to securing a place in the degree program of your preference. For those who are unsure about what you like or want to do, Form 6 is a good option as it gives you more time to make a decision.

After STPM, you are given 10 options when you apply for University courses. Before you decide on your options, refer to the list of courses offered by each university along with the CGPA points required. Be realistic and practical when considering courses, taking your abilities and your interests into account. Try not to over-estimate what you will achieve in terms of results when listing your 10 options.

You should also seek some guidance from seniors with regards to the language used in teaching, the core and elective courses offered by the programs, the quality of the lecturers, the condition of various accommodations and living expenses in that particular city and also, the job prospects after graduation. We have heard of juniors quitting because the programs they chose did not turn out as expected. Not only would this be a waste of your time, it would also deprive a rejected applicant of a place and an opportunity.

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  1. Can you please list me out courses that which will really a good options in future undertakings and list of qualification in law after stpm ?
    Im currently doing form 6 ( Final year ) New Modular System !!

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