Special Programs / Vocations

Program Warga Sukanis a program under USM. For those who are active in sports and have made it to the state level or national level are eligible to apply. The greatest thing about this program is that you will get a  50% discount on your fees. Please refer to attached files for more information. (WARGA SUKAN 1, WARGA SUKAN 2, SENARAI PROGRAM ALTERNATIF, war1)

Royal Police Force For those who are interested to join the Royal Police Force, please be attentive to advertisement posted on Utusan Malaysia, The Star and all the major newspapers in Malaysia for intake. Due to the limited non-Bumiputra in the force, they are in high demand of Chinese and Indians candidates.

You can join the training after SPM or after obtaining a bachelor degree. Below is the difference between both options. (It is advisable to join the training after obtaining a bachelor degree, as it will take a long time for a Constable to reach the level of an Inspector. There will be a difference in benefits.)


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