Royal Malaysian Police Force

When I first started this job I was quite nervous. But one of the senior officers told me.

“Don’t scared hard…

Now you work hard and get experience no matter where you are.

If you got experience,
there is no need to worry where they put you.

Don’t know just ask, no shy shy one…

I have been working in the police force for about 4 years. This occupation has been my ambition since I was young.? ;)

I am learning a lot in this job, especially regarding the psychological mindset of the public and criminals. Your daily work as a police depends on which department you are in. More information about the departments can be found here.

The majority of the police force is made up of Malays and Indians. Even though Chinese are the minority, I mix well with my Malay colleagues and some of my Malay colleagues have more Chinese than Malay friends. The police force needs more Chinese. Because Chinese know more languages (e.g. Cantonese, Hokkien etc), we can do a lot when trying to solve cases or help people.? ;)

There is no prejudice in the police force
and everyone is friendly.

The more I mix with other cultures, the better I understand them. Every culture has good and bad people. Don’t let the few bad people affect your judgment of the entire culture.

To qualify for the police force, you must have 3 credits in BM, BI & Math. If BC credit? – perfect! You also need to be healthy, physically tough and mentally strong. Training is not easy. It will test your patience and endurance.? :x ? The goal is to see how you react to situations that are out of your control. You will only be allowed to use your hand phone once a week; if your platoon is punished on that week, you will have to wait another week to contact your family. :(

After training, you will be posted to any post at any state or place. You cannot appeal your assignment unless you have a very strong reason. Transfers are only possible after a few years of experience, and only if your boss supports your request.

I really like this job because I can help those who are in need.
Even though it may be a small case…
I feel happy because I can help.? ;)

I am continuing my studies part-time now (Diploma in Business Management & Leadership). I didn’t complete my diploma/degree, but now I realize that to be able to help more people, I need to know more. There are many diploma/degree holders in the force, and it’s difficult to compete with them. Also, I want to know more people and learn more about what they are doing. My boss and colleagues support me and encourage me to study further. So to summarize, the reasons I decided to continue my studies are 1st is to gain more knowledge, 2nd is to mix around with more people who are also furthering their studies, 3rd is to get a certificate, 4th is to get a higher rank and salary.

Click here to read about my journey.

My Journey

Both my parents were police. In fact, my mother is still in the force. She has knowledge about the law and because of this, she is able to help friends or relatives who are in trouble or need advice about the law.

When I was young, I saw my mum helping people and
I wished to be like her. She’s my idol.

I am from 5A4. My results were bad because I was very playful. Most of my time at AMC was spent playing sports and “yum cha”. Even before SPM exams, I was still playing the fool. I got credits for the compulsory subjects, but got D’s for the rest.

I wanted to enroll with the force after SPM, but there was no intake for my year. Most of my friends were continuing with their studies, so I just did the same.But I didn’t know what I could study, and my results were like sh*t. Even my parents asked me, “What do you want to study with results like this?”

Actually, I was not interested in studying. :roll: I only knew how to play computer games and surf the net. So, I chose an IT course at KTAR, Kampar, but I couldn’t keep up. I failed math (my worst subject) and had to retake the exam. I remember my parents asking me if I could continue studying or not… They told me to stop wasting time and money if I couldn’t continue. At last, I passed math and went for job interviews with a computer studies cert.

That was one of the worst times of my life.
A few of my relatives looked down on me and thought I was useless.

I worked as a clerk at a few companies but did not like it either. I became very depressed and didn’t know what to do with myself. :cry: But my mother helped me and encouraged me. She gave me confidence and told me not to give up on myself.

After months of waiting, the police force intake was finally out. I went for the interview, body check-up and physical test. At last, the approval letter arrived and I packed and went for training. The police force gave me a chance to do well, but first I had to give myself a chance too. No matter what people think about you, don’t give up on yourself. You can do it.? ;)

“Don’t know just ask… No shy shy one!”

Good luck!


  1. Hey bro , I’m interested of being a police, but unfortunately I’m a school leaver but I own a diploma and I’m short sighted , do you think it’s possible for applying police force ? Thanks for helping out man.

    • Hey officer! , i’m still school all i wanted to become inspector police but i donno how and what must it do to must become a inspector . I just want to know what credit Spm must they need and i dunno where to apply it :D . Tqvm

  2. Daniel,
    sorry that late reply..
    actually you can try to apply while advertisement post in newspaper.. as long as you try & don’t worry or scare..
    for diploma holder can’t apply for inspector, you need to start from recruit then can promote faster than SPM holder..
    if you need some information i can get for you..

    • Hi, do you mind giving your email address because I would like to ask you personally things about policeman. Thanks.

  3. Bro do you have face book? I wan ask some question abt this career reply ASAP bro.
    Fb id: Harwin Ram

  4. hi, I am wearing spec and i wonder what is the qualification for those who wear spec?? p.s i’m from amc

  5. Excellent write-up. I definitely love this website.
    Keep it up!

  6. Good morning.I finished my spm and also foundation in commerce.My ambition is to be a police inspector.Now I am willing to persue my degree in order to be a police officer but I am not sure to do which course.So I really need yr guidance and support.Thank you !!

  7. Hey there, I am interested in becoming a police inspector once I have graduated from my bachelor’s degree and hope that one day I am fit enough to join Pasukan Gerakan Khas. How long do I need to wait (normally) once I have made an application online?

  8. Hi bro, i’m a law degree holder and im going to be admitted to the bar soon, i want to know what post would be given if i decide to apply to become a police officer and if i take my masters would i be able to apply for a higher position?

  9. can a guy who has a degree in private U apply for inspector?

    i can speak 5 langgues…..





    and english………

  10. Hello officer,what post a diploma holder is eligible for?

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