Should I Study Business? (Part 2)

This is the continuation of “Should I Study Business? (Part 1)”Refer Part 1 to find out more about our three participants.

Here, we talk about whether business graduates have a bright future and we also ask the alumni if there are things they wish someone told them after they finished SPM.

What about job prospects for business graduates? Does the future look bright?

BeiYing: Your future will be as bright as you want it to be. Opportunities are many, it’s up to you. I graduated 3 years ago and my first job was not even related to accounting and finance. I joined the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) as a Graduate Management Executive. The SC is the regulator of the capital markets in Malaysia and the organization works to ensure a transparent, fair and orderly market. My position in the SC involved analyzing cases of market abuse e.g. insider trading, stock market manipulation, which is very different from what I studied in university.

Recently, I decided to take up an offer to work in a bank under the risk management department. This is quite a change for me as there is a vast difference in terms of job scope and working environment. However, I believe the skills that I learned from SC was one of the success factor which landed me the position. And finally, I’m working in an industry which I am interested in, though again, not really related to my degree.

Bottom line, never stop working towards your dream/passion. You might not be doing what you’re passionate in for now, but one day you will. The skills that you learn and all the people that you met along the way, all help to groom and prepare you to be a more capable individual in chasing your dreams.

Wan Ping: I absolutely agree. There are tons of opportunities out there. The skills and knowledge acquired from my accounting/finance major have served me well till today even though I am neither an accountant nor in the financial industry. I run a company that markets Australian properties to Malaysians. As many of my clients are property investors, the knowledge from accounting, economics and investment finance have enabled me to relate to my clients better and provide analyses and advice in a professional manner, giving my clients the confidence to trust me.

Many areas in business are inter-related. It is very common to end up doing something different from what you did in Uni because once you start working and gaining more exposure, you may develop interest in different fields. And it’s totally OK to do so!

YiMie: What’s most important is your attitude. I’m actually in a totally different industry. I’m a business reporter at Nanyang Siang Pau. My business degree gives me the knowledge to cover economics, stock markets, companies, investments and property. Apart from attending press conferences, I also have to prepare questions to interview representatives from different companies. I never expected to end up in this field, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

Are there things you know now, that you wish you knew earlier?

YiMie: For some reason science stream students seem to be more “valued” when you are in sec school. I think this is a huge mistake. Let me tell you a story… One of my friends planned to study law in university, and so she changed to arts stream. She scored 11A1s in SPM science stream and her decision was not supported by her family as they thought studying science in F6 will give you wider choices when you choose your university courses.

They had the perception that science students can enter local university easier vs. art students. They also doubted her ability to score well in art subjects, in which she had no foundation.

She proved them wrong, of course. She scored 5As in STPM, and secured a place at UM Law faculty. She graduated last year and she is now a chambering student in a law firm.

But you need to know, this is after a lot of hard work.

If you are quite sure you want to take up a business course in university, don’t hesitate to change stream in Form6/Foundation level. It will be easier for you when you are in university.

Don’t just study science because most of your friends are studying science and no one wants to change stream/transfer to another school with you, or because you think you can still change to the arts stream after you finished STPM. (This is the advice given by some of the teachers in AMC during my time.) It is just a waste of time.

Follow your heart. :)

Wan Ping: Take your time to explore and do not be afraid to decide. Like what Yimie said, follow your heart. Your passion will bring you far. All the best!

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