The Coca-Cola System

Did you know?

The word Coca-Cola is thought to be the second most widely understood word in the world after ‘OK’

Coca-Cola operates in more than 200 countries and produces more than 450 brands globally. Ever wondered how exactly Coca-Cola manages operations on such a global scale so successfully?

Key to their success is The Coca-Cola System. The Coca-Cola company and nearly 300 local bottling partners around the world form the Coca-Cola system. This Coca-Cola System (explained below) makes possible the delivery of daily refreshments to over 200 countries at a rate of 1.7 billion servings a day.

What role does each component play in this unique relationship?

Coca-Cola doesn’t manufacture the actual drink you hold in your hand…Instead, Coca-Cola manufactures concentrates, beverage bases and syrups that makes their brand unique, and sells them to many locally operated bottling operations.

The Bottling Partners
The bottling partners manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute the final branded beverages to customers such as grocery stores, restaurants, street vendors, convenience stores, amusement parks, movie theaters etc?and also vending partners, who then sell the products to consumers.

Besides, all bottling partners work closely with their customers to execute localized strategies developed in partnership with Coca-Cola.


How does Coca-Cola benefit from the system?

The relationship between the company and the bottling partners allows the Coca-Cola to conduct business on a worldwide scale while still maintaining a local approach.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola benefits financially because they own or license the brands. By allowing the local plants to focus on bottling operations, Coca Cola is then able to focus on marketing initiatives which allows them to build a strong consumer base.


Why should you be interested?

If you’re a student interested in business or more specifically marketing, advertising, branding, strategy, logistics, supply chain management or simply the F&B industry in general,  you might be a leader in companies like this someday.

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