What can I do in a chemical company?

What does a chemical company do?
Who does a chemical company hire?

Not sure how your interest can be applied in a career with a chemical company?
Fret not, let’s explore together with BASF employees.

- Are you interested in chemistry but not sure what your career will look like?

  • Check out Dschun Song’s video.
    He is a chemist AND a project manager in Crop Protection Research.

- Are you interested in economics but hesitant about options in the future?

  • Check out Ines Wittenburg’s video.
    Her major in business management allowed her to specialize in raw materials purchasing as a global lead buyer.

- Do you want to be an chemical engineer but don’t know what a chemical engineer can do?

  • Check out Katharina Obert’s video.
    A chemical engineer by training, she works in R&D focusing on distillation technologies.


BASF may be a chemical company, but at the end of the day, bringing products to market requires cooperation between MANY professions in MANY countries! Check out BASF in Malaysia and Singapore.

If you’re still curious about what BASF does, check out how BASF makes the world better here >>> “Chemistry in Daily Life“!


“We create chemistry for a sustainable future”

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2. BASF Youtube channel
3. BASF homepage



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